Welcome, Welcome!

Welcome, lovely people! So obviously I’m a little new to the whole blogging thing but if you’re willing to bare with me here then I promise to bring you my absolute best. My idea for this blog is something spectacular, and little bit out of my comfort zone, which I totally encourage! Im a firm believer that all things you reach for outside your Comfort Zone bring you more joy and satisfaction than you could have hoped for. So for myself, this blog is a huge step. I believe that this world can be an awful place sometimes, but everybody has the ability to shine some light where there is shade and that’s exactly what I plan on doing.

The Basics
I have pets, whom I am completely obsessed with. They’re my babies! My dog, Kato, is a German shepherd who (I think) is smarter than most people and he thinks he’s a child. My cat, Kingsman (Kings for short; long story but we thought she was a he when we got her and obviously we were wrong), is the type of cat to be afraid of if you didn’t know her. She likes to act all sweet for a second and when she knows you’re not expecting it, she’ll claw off your arm. Not even joking, she’s like the annoying roommate with mood swing issues. I also have a mouse that we call Fatty. The story behind that is when I had first got her I didn’t see her for almost 2 months, she’d only come out of her borrowed hole of bedding to eat, and she ate a LOT. I’d say we’d become friends, sometimes she lets me take her out of her cage but only if I give her a yogurt treat afterwards (go figure). Besides my house pets, I’m actually an equestrian rider as well (in other words, I jump horses). I’ve been riding since I was 8 years old, and here I am, 15 years later, still doing the same thing. Horses have always played a huge role in my life, maybe I’ll cover that in a blog sometime.

Meet the fur babies.🐾


Another thing about myself, charities are one of my favorite ways to give back to the planet. Nature, the ocean, the animals that walk this earth with us, these are the things I feel deeply for and I always try to give back as much as I can. I promise to make a few blogs about my favorite charities and the work that they’ve accomplished already. I hope that I can inspire others with a passion for Mother Nature’s creatures, just like me, to help join their causes and shine light in the world where there’s darkness. Besides the charities, the riding stable I work with also gives back; Sunrise Farms has an animal rescue program which has doubled in accomplishments, rescue stories, and lives saved within the past year alone. Aside from the animal rescue, we also offer therapeutic riding for all ages.

Here’s are a few little throwbacks from my showing days a few years back.
One of my favorite horses, “Check Mate”


So besides being a friend to all animals, I am also obsessed with the ocean. I’d consider that my calling in life, to be near the sea and its creatures that live deep below its surface. When I was a little girl my family would vacation to Florida every year for Easter Vacation and they’d take me to SeaWorld. Now now, hold your opinions for later. I know a lot of people have a lot of things to say about this magical place, but you’re getting to know me here so lets move on. Anyways, my absolute favorite habitat was the Orcas. Being so close to one is enough to bring tears to my eyes and can make my heart over flow. This was the beginning of my passion for the sea. Come to think of it too, I think I could swim before I could even walk. True story, I would get so many ear infections when I was child because whenever and wherever I would swim I’d spend more time under the water than I would above. The water is my passion, the sea is my passion, the under water mammals are my passion. My dream was to be able to work closely with these animals, building a connection & learning more about these creatures. and who knows, maybe all of you will be able to see that opportunity grow; we’ll take it one step out of the Comfort Zone at a time.

Our Florida Girls Trip was exactly what I needed last summer.🐚


I am many things, but one thing for certain is that I still have a lot of growth on its way and changes that will help me discover more of who I truly am in side. The real reason for the creation of this blog to encourage everyone to take those steps towards the life that you truly desire, taking chances and saying yes to all opportunities, and being able to look back at your life and think to yourself “I did it”. To be able to go out and see the world, to see friendships and relationships grow, to be able to actually live a life meant for you, because you know that it was meant for you. I have an idea of the life that’s meant for me, and I hope all of you can feel inspired by the paths I’m drawing up for myself so you too can begin to draw up your paths towards your own Magnificent Life.

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