Tattoo #1.

Just recently, under the the influence of a few coworkers, I decided to get my very first tattoo. Honestly, part of me thought that I’d never get a tattoo simply because everybody has one. I’ve always been the type of person who strays away from anything you’d find on or with somebody else. I had actually enjoyed the fact of having untouched skin rather than having tattoos like everybody else. But don’t get me wrong, besides not wanting a tattoo at all, part of me always thought it would be fun to rock a half sleeve.😅

The first 2 selfies taken featuring the new tat.📸

About 50 percent of people who see this for the first time assume it’a a snail at first glance. This doesn’t bother me though. At the time, tattoo’s weren’t as valuable to me. But now, I carry this sense of pride knowing I have this little symbol on my little wrist.

So, why did E get a nautilus shell on her wrist? Only a few people have asked what the special meaning was behind my new tat, and only a few times I’ve answered. To be completely honest, I only had about 24 hours to figure out what my tattoo was going to be. Like I mentioned before, I was under the influence of a few coworkers who planned on going together to get their tattoos. I knew that whatever I decided to get, most of my tattoos – if not all of them – would be ocean related. I also knew that I wanted to be able to see the first one I got. So, my wrist is was. I liked the idea of having a shell, but I wanted something a little different. I didn’t want a basic shell, like something you’d see when you’re walking on the beach or something you’d see on a little beach nic-nak at a gift shop. I wanted something, deeper. Or really, something you’d only be able to find in the deeper part of the sea.

What I already knew about the Nautilus shell: They’re one of the oldest shells in this world, tracking all the way back to the Jurassic Period, and the shell is usually a decent size, round with beautiful lines of color. Even though I didn’t know much, there was an intuition about this pick that I couldn’t ignore.

The following night I searched for the symbolic meaning behind the Nautilus, believing that there may have been a reason I came across something so fantastic – everything happens for a reason, right? – So, what I found out: the shell can actually grow, depending on the creature which inhabitants it. They can normally grow up to 10.6 inches. It starts out as a small shell and a little animal will make its way inside and call it home. Once the small animal begins to grow out of it’s safe little chamber, the shell will grow a new chamber which is slighter larger than the first to accommodate the growing animal. This continues until the animal dies. So, in a symbolic viewpoint, the Nautilus is about growth and evolution.

Pinterest, duh.

I found the growing chambers to be something really fascinating. When the small animal grows too large for it’s old chamber and the shell grows a new one to accommodate it, it closes off the old chamber. So, in another symbolic viewpoint, if the animal stayed in the same small chamber and refuse to move on, it would eventually die from being too large. When the animal does move on, it’s unable to go back. So, it will continue to move on to new chambers all it’s life, forced to leave the past behind in order to survive.

I love this analogy more than anything. This is the fact of life; you have to step outside your comfort zone to be able to grow, and once you do, you can never go back. Once you’ve invested in yourself and your hobbies or your personal beliefs, you grow and change and the old ways that you used to know no longer fit you. And just like the Nautilus, a new shell will grow around you and protect you. Your new confidence will protect you. Your new skills and wisdom will protect you. The idea of being at risk is what stops us from accomplishment and trying new things. But just like the animal, we must in order to survive. Is is scary? Yes. But is is necessary to grow and expand? Absolutely.

Whenever I’m stuck battling with myself, whether I’m trying new things or making new lifestyle changes, I look at the little Nautilus on my little wrist. I think about all of the chambers the animal moves through in it’s life. In order for me to grow, I must continue to let go of the past and move on to bigger and better things.

Seeing these cute little creatures is definitely on my bucket list.🦑

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