A New Leaf | Gilded Aisle

Recently, I was given a great opportunity to help my aunt with her wedding planning business. I can admit that I’m a bit of a hopeless romantic, so this new little side job is right up my alley. It gave me a very satisfying feeling knowing that I was making a beautiful couple’s Big Day everything they were hoping it would be. I have been to my fair share of small town weddings, but this was one of the most unique and more beautiful weddings I had ever been apart of.

Image 7-2-17 at 8.11 AM (1)
A New Leaf, Chicago
Truth be told, when I first saw the venue (before all of the decorating) I was a little curious as to how this could possible become wedding material. The venue itself was totally gorgeous; concrete floors, all brick walls, and extended stair wells on either side. But what really took me by surprise was the secret gem this place had to offer.


Image 7-2-17 at 8.12 AM

The Secret Gem
When you walk through the venue, to the left you will see old fashion glass doors that lead into a perfect cobblestone garden area. This is where the ceremonies would be taken place. I was completely blown away by this place, and this is where I happened to spend most of my time.

Image 7-2-17 at 8.13 AM (4)


Image 7-2-17 at 8.12 AM


If anybody knows me, they know that I’m not the fanciest person around. Dresses, high heels, the perfect accessories, not really my thing. Although, I do wish that wearing heels and hoop earrings were part of my casual look. But who knows, maybe it will some day! I was also super excited about the dress I got to wear for this wedding. Get a good look, it doesn’t happen often – I’m allowed to laugh at myself, right?


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