Take More Pictures.

Hobbies are such a great thing. It keeps us busy and it brings a smile to our faces. I told myself to take more photo’s whether it be of my friend’s smiling faces, a cute brick wall with vines growing on it, or even my dog while we’re out on a walk around town. I like to find the beauty in our everyday lives, especially on days where we deal with our mental clouds. I deal with dark days occasionally, and when I’m faced to deal with it, I just take a picture of something that’s caught my eye.

Editing photos is another way I like to push those clouds away. When you’ve found something that’s caught your attention, something you personally find beautiful in a dark state of mind, take a picture. The picture will stay with you for as long as you need it. With editing, you get to bring your picture to life with whatever creative vision you’ve got. Bring out the light, make your favorite color stand out, jazz up the darkest of places. In a way, you’re redefining your world. You’re making it your own bright and pleasurable place. And you’re making it all your own.

I’d have to thank my friend Sydney for introducing me to the whole modeling and photography insight, because this has truly been my personal comfort zone. And I also have to thank my boyfriend who deals with all of my picture taking.😅

VSCO has been my favorite photo editor for a while now. You can buy whatever filters you’d like or for an annual fee you can subscribe for every filter and editing option the app has to offer. In this app you can build your profile and share you new works of art with your friends. This I actually found comforting. I’ve seen a good amount of mutual friends share beautiful photo’s that once could’ve been ordinary. In my perspective, I’m seeing them turn that ordinary to extraordinary.

Hobbies are a wonderful thing, because it’s something that brings us peace and happiness while we deal with the – sometimes – dark and gloomy world. This brings me a comfortable perspective that I have the ability to change the look and feel of what I’m living through. I have the ability to make anything look and feel beautiful, in my way.

Cheesiness Alert! I take a lot of pictures of my boyfriend, because I just so happen to think he’s one of the most beautiful people ever! He’s my own personal support system and whenever I edit a new picture, he always deals with my asking of his opinion.😂

Follow my VSCO account for more pictures – and maybe a little inspiration.😉
VSCO – erandazzo17



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