4th of July @ Wrigley.

The weekend had already drained me more than I would’ve expected. Each day of this holiday weekend was spent celebrating with friends and family, either at a party or out on the boat playing in the water and the sun. I’m usually a morning person, but after the constant go go go of the weekend it was hard to get out of bed before 9:30am.😅

On Tuesday, since most of celebrating had already happened, my boyfriend and I had planned on spending the day in bed watching movies and catching up on some – what felt like – much needed rest. We new a couple of friends going to a Cubs game, which we thought about, but decided against it because of the high priced tickets. Because, you know, the holiday..

Perhaps the universe had other plans in mind for us, because only a few short minutes after this, my best friend called me to let me know that her mom was giving away Cubs tickets that she got from work. For free. YAASSS.😋

Even though certain events going on had us wondering whether or not this was going to work out, it all turned around for the better. Actually, throughout the day, it continued to get better and better. We had gotten there just in time, since our decision to go was a little last minute, and parking was even cheaper and easier than we thought!

Our seats were up right next to the press boxes. A little high, but perfect view of the field. The stadium was completely packed with Cubs fans and the sea of blue was a sight to behold. The cheering was unbelievable, too. As the game continued, we were getting snapchats from our friends that were also at the game. One friend, in particular, offered us his seats because his group was leaving early. And these seats were directly behind home plate! Holyyy crap. We couldn’t even believe the luck that we were getting out of the day, especially after all off the doubt we had that morning.

A special thanks to our friend, Michael, who offered us his tickets! Even if it was only the last couple of innings, it was worth getting the incredible view that we had. And we’re nothing short of grateful!♥️

Like I said in my last post, I’m going to be taking more pictures. So, enjoy my favorite pictures that I captured on this exciting and eventful day. What better way for us baseball fans to spend a holiday like the 4th of July at Wrigley Field.⚾️




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