My Passion Planner.

We all know I’m a bit of a control freak, and I like to keep my life as organized as possible. So naturally, my life planner is my best friend.

Planning is good for the soul
Of course there are endless designs for planners, whether you get your planner at Michaels, Barns & Nobel, Target ect. having a setup design that fits your lifestyle is important. Everybody is different; I know a few people who prefer having lines to write notes for each day of the week, some people like having every hour marked for each day (like me, I’m extra), and some of you don’t even use a planner at all and are wondering why you’re even reading this blog right now. But that’s ok! I wasn’t into planning in the beginning either, but once I started, my life was instantly easier.

My planner of choice
A friend of mine, who also blogs, first introduced me to a planner company around February. At first I was a little weirded out by the set up of it all; boxes and empty spaces for “infinite possibilities,” a new inspirational quote for each week, goal oriented roadmaps every 6 months, ect. It was strange and it seemed a little too extra, even for me. So how ironic that I found myself on their website on multiple occasions debating to make the purchase. I did, and my Passion Planner arrived at my doorstep, and I haven’t gone a single day without looking at it.

Passion Planner
I like to know that I am in control of my life, at all times, in all situations. I know that this isn’t actually possible, but it is something that I deal with. I also tend to feel stuck in a dormant stage from time to time, when I’m bored too often, worried I’m wasting my time, or feeling like what I am doing isn’t going to get me where I dream to go. So as I studied the Passion Planner more and more, it was actually the design that drew me in. It was created to help people clearly define their personal goals – and dreams – by breaking down long and short term goals into actionable steps. And like a compass, these actionable steps are incorporated into your everyday life and helps guide your decisions so you’re capable of growing closer towards your goals.

Goals = a Golden life
The benefits and possibilities are endless. Create and customize your space, stay positive, manage your time (my favorite), get focused and stay focused, do it your way, declutter your thoughts, see the bigger picture, challenge yourself.

your short and longterm goals
Keep your weekly and monthly layout managed with time frames and personal to-do lists.
Monthly reflections to help you stay focused on your accomplishments and to remember the bigger picture.

This planner is literally like a child. Don’t worry, I’m laughing at myself, too. But really, having goals is important to me, and it’s even more important than I accomplish those goals in reasonable time. Procrastination is my worst enemy, as I’m sure it is for many of you. The 2018 planners are ready to pre-order, with even more color and designs to choose from! They also offer Academic planners for those of you who will be headed off to school. Get your new planner here before they’re all gone! And as I’ve said before, I promise you’ll thank yourself later.

Processed with VSCO with a6 preset

I’m nowhere near as creative as I was hoping I would be with my planner, but I’ll try again next year! Follow Passion Planner on Instagram for tools, inspiration, and some very clever ideas to keep your planner useful. – Happy Planning (;

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