Nighttime Beauty Routine.

Taking care of your natural beauty is something I can preach about all day, and the best time to take care of it? Right before you crawl into bed.

Beauty Sleep
Another thing I can preach about all day. Our bodies and skin heal themselves while we sleep, hence the term “beauty sleep.” Lack of sleep can cause skin and health problems like dark circles due to dilated blood vessels, dull skin from slow collagen production, inflammation increase which can affect your immune system, and of course, your skin not having the time to repair itself which can lead to premature aging. Getting enough sleep will benefit you by creating a natural glow, elasticity, and transparency. So, important lesson number 1: get your beauty sleep!
Learn The Benefits
I can admit, as I’m sure a lot of other people can, that after a long day of work and/or the typical chaos of the day can make it very tempting to strip and just crawl straight into bed. I’m totally guilty of forgetting (and sometimes just choosing) to leave my makeup on and say “I’ll just take it off in the morning” and go to sleep. This is bad for your skin! It’s important to keep in mind the benefits you’ll gain for taking that extra 3 to 5 mins to just take off your makeup and treat your skin with whatever cleansers, or products, that will help to benefit your beauty sleep.

My Personal Beauty Sleep Prep
1. The first thing I do when I get home is take off my work clothes and put my comfiest, sleep-ready clothes on. I always sleep with my hair up too, I learned that sleeping with your hair down can cause damage to your ends, with all of the tossing and turning throughout the night.
2. Next, goodbye makeup. I use Neutrogena’s Makeup Remover Cleansing ‘Night Calming’ Towelettes. My skin is easily irritated, so this product really helps with keeping my redness down. Plus, it doesn’t put a dent in my wallet. I get this makeup remover from Walmart.
3. After removing my makeup, I brush my teeth. And for 2 mins, to be exact. Not just with regular toothpaste, either, but I use Charcoal Whitening Powder from Bianca Smile, which really helps whiten my teeth. I’m a huge coffee drinker, and the benefits of Charcoal Powder is really quite fascinating. Since using it, my guns have become stronger, my teeth whiter, and over all, a huge gain in my oral health. I’ve tried whitening strips and gels from other retailers but the other thing I gained was sore teeth and gums.
4. Comfy clothes, hair up, makeup off, teeth bright and clean; almost ready for bed! At this point, you’re at your 3 min mark. Not bad right? All of these benefits already gained, and it takes no time at all. The last thing I do before bed is treat my skin. I use Grease Lightening by Lush Cosmetics. How to use: With 1 or 2 clean fingers, dap product on any acne, troubled spots, or oily areas for a matte finish, do not wash off. This product is clear and dries instantly, which makes it the perfect nighttime cleanser that you can sleep in. My trouble spots include above my lip, my chin, my nose and forehead, right under my hair line. Grease Lightening is a super-gel; only a dab with your finger is all you need to cover a single trouble area, so it’s guaranteed to last you a very long time.
5. This I only do a couple of times a week. Remember me mentioning my redness problem? Well, Lush Cosmetics has something for that too! Rosy Cheeks is an amazing face mask that I use for my redness areas and sun damaged skin. It really helps restore balance to my skin, giving it a more even and natural glow. How to use: Smooth a generous layer over your skin, leave on for 15 mins and rinse off. When I add this to my Nighttime Routine, I apply Grease Lightening after rinsing, since that’s the product I will sleep in.

More of a morning person? You can read about my beauty routine HERE.

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