My Morning Beauty Routine.

In my Nighttime Beauty Routine blog I mentioned how taking care of my skin is my priority. While night time is my chance to rejuvenate my skin, morning time is my chance to prep my skin for the long day ahead.

[Face Wash]

I always shower in the morning, I feel like it’s just easier for me to prep for the day when I do. So, that’s when I was my face. Currently I’ve been using Herbalism from Lush Cosmetics. In my nighttime routine blog I mentioned why this brand was one of my favorites – like being 100% vegetarian. It forms into a scrub-like paste that I use on my face, chest and shoulders. Afterwards, my skin looks balanced and feels fresh and clean.

[Lip Scrub]

OK, I’ll admit it: I bite my lips..a lot. It’s one of my bad habits I can never get under control. So, when my lips start to feel cracked and flaked, I always turn to a lip scrub (especially if I plan on wearing anything on my lips). It really helps smooth them over, which helps me to stop biting and picking them.


There are two products that I’m currently using, each for it’s own specific day:
1. Imperialis from Lush Cosmetics (this brand has me, what can I say!). This product is extremely lightweight and helps balance out the tone to my skin, and even brings out some radiance. I’ll use this product when my skin looks extra blotchy or unbalanced.
2. Daytime Revitalizing Moisturizer by Clinique. This is the product I use when on a daily basis – it comes in two tones, Golden Glow and Rosy Glow. I use Golden Glow because my face is already more red toned, so this tint helps balance and brighten my skin.
Both of these products do cost a bit of $$ so if you have any questions about these products go ahead and drop them in a comment or shoot me an email – I’ll always answer!

[Body Lotion]

If there’s anything I could be picky about using, body lotion is not one of them. Lotion, to me, is really all the same – for myself, I prefer Body Butters because I always take hot showers which leaves my skin a little dry (especially after shaving). But the big picture is that moisturizing your body is just as important as your face. Since I work at a Victoria’s Secret retail store, I’ll usually bounce between VS and Bath and Body – I’ll answer any questions about their products too!

Thanks again for checking in with me! You’re support is always appreciated.

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