Morning Beauty Routine.

Since I wrote a blog about my nighttime skin care routine, it would only make sense to write about my morning beauty routine as well.

As always, skin care is my number one priority. At night before bed, my focus is all about cleansers, face/body masks, sleep-in treatments, etc. (you can read about my nighttime routine HERE). So in the morning, it’s all about getting yourself prepped for some makeup and the long day ahead. Here are my main, easy steps to a morning routine.
Face Wash
I like to wash my face in the shower. I’m currently using Herbalism from Lush Cosmetics, an everyday cleanser that you can use on your face and body. This exfoliated herbal scrub leaves my skin feeling light, clean and balanced.
Lip Scrub
I don’t always use lip products with my makeup routines, such as lipsticks/tints/gloss, but when I do I make sure to prep my lips with a lip scrub before hand. My lips are a bit dryer than most, so this really helps on days I decide to wear a lip product. You can buy Lip Scrubs anywhere, or you can even make your own homemade batch. All you need is sugar and lemon juice, it’s that easy.
I’m currently using another Lush Cosmetics favorite call Imperialis. This product is extremely lightweight and helps balance out the tone to my skin. It also gives my skin a radiant look and feel. And when my skin looks and feels great, the chances of me using more foundation/coverup/or makeup in general, becomes more and more slim. And the less makeup I have to wear, the happier I am! But that’s just me.
Body Lotion
I’m not loyal to any Brand when it comes to body lotion. No matter what it is you use, just use it. I know that after a shower my skin is at its’s driest. That could be because I love scolding hot water when I shower, but hey, doesn’t everybody?😅 I bounce between Bath & Body and Victoria’s Secret products all the time, there really isn’t a wrong Brand when it comes to lotion. Keeping your body moisturized is just as important as keeping your face moisturized. So, find whatever works for you, and rock it.

Stay tuned for my blog My Go-To Makeup Look, coming soon!

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