My Nighttime Beauty Routine.



OK, let me tell you a fun little fact about myself: I’m not a fan of wearing makeup. There, I said it. Although I’m nowhere near lucky enough that I don’t need it in a normal beauty routine, it’s not one of my priorities. Something that is a huge priority of mine, though, is taking care of my skin – Makes sense right? If I’m confident about my skin, then I wont feel the need to cover it up with makeup. Ta-da!

[Makeup Remover]

First things first, taking off your makeup and all the dirt and grime from the day. I think we can all agree how satisfying this part of the day is – almost as satisfying as taking off your bra after a long day, am I right? (Laughs at self).. Anyways, I use Neutrogena’s Makeup Remover Cleansing ‘Night Calming’ Towelettes. My skin can be really sensitive, so this stuff really helps keep my redness down. Plus, this stuff wont cost you a lot of $$ either. You can pick it up at the nearest Walmart or Walgreens.


Whitening your teeth before bed has proven to be the most effective time to get those pearly whites shining. I, personally, hate using any kind of whitening gels or toothpastes – my teeth and gums are sensitive too. So, I really like using Charcoal Whitening Powder to get my whitening done. You can find a bunch of different charcoal powder brands, but I get mine HERE – they’re my favorite brand; they always have the best deals plus they’re totally vegan and don’t test on animals!

[Face Gel]

At this point in a nighttime routine, some people usually go to their moisturizers. I, on the other hand, like to use a particular face gel from Lush Cosmetics. I mentioned having irritating skin before, and this product really helps with cleaning and correcting my skin without leaving it super irritated. It’s also good for oil problems too! Lush is another favorite brand of mine; they’re 100% vegetarian, handmade, and they believe in fighting animal testing (the true way to my heart). Little tip: Go into any Lush store and ask for samples so you can try the product before you by!


Another trick I swear by is using eye creams/formulas – this also helps me from clumping on all that eye makeup. My product of choice is Estee Lauder Advanced Nightime Repair. I’ll warn you now that this product is little up there when it comes to $$, but it will last you for months. You can find this little gem at your nearest Ulta store or your nearest Carson’s at the Estee Lauder Booth. I know this product a little pricey, so if you have any questions you’d like to ask before making the purchase just comment below you shoot me an email – I’ll always answer!

[Beauty Sleep]

This is truly the answer to all problems; getting enough sleep is by far the most important tool – and another that I’ll swear by. Always goal yourself to get 7 to 8 hours of sleep every night. A couple of tips for a good night’s sleep: always keep your room cool, being rapped in blankets is both calming and relaxing, guaranteed to help you sleep heavier, and always keep a glass or bottled water by your bedside – drinking it first thing in the morning helps support your skin and fighting grogginess.

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Thanks again for checking in with me! Your support is always appreciated.

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