Life Lately : Mid-October

Hey, everyone!
So sorry that I’ve been a little MIA lately, but this month has definitely been something of a mile stone for me. Let me just start by saying that we’re officially moved into our new apartment! – YAY!

Between the packing, then unpacking, and hauling furniture from one place to another.. let me tell ya, it’s been a little on the stressful side. But being able to sleep in our new apartment and seeing our new home come together a little more each day, it’s truly been the most rewarding experience so far.

If you’ve read my posts before then you know I’m all about opportunities – and I’m seeing so many opportunities coming our way. In the near future you all can expect some new blog posts about moving and some tips and tricks I’ve picked up through this experience, as well as sharing with you all some decorating ideas and an inside look into the day to day apartment lifestyle – Ahh, so many opportunities!

If you have any questions that you’d like me to answer, or have any idea’s of what I should include in a moving, tips + tricks, and decorating blog: please comment below, send me a tweet, DM, or even send me an email! I’m allllll ears!

Hopefully it wont be too long before I can get some new blogs for ya – It’s really been a crazy time! But thank you all so much for checking in, and as always your support is greatly appreciated🙂

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