Face Masks by Pink


Ok, I’m over it. As excited as I was for Fall, I never fully anticipate just how cold and wet it gets. Plus, your hair starts to get staticky (ladies, you know what I mean), skin is always dry, chapped lips.. It’s an awful time.

But, I’m crossing skin problems off my list of Cold Weather Issues thanks to these new Face Masks by VS Pink. As you know, I work for a Victoria’s Secret & Pink retailer, so trying products is kind of my job. Little did I know – as well as my coworkers – that we would soon be obsessed with these face masks!

Pink offers 6 different face masks, each with their own special purpose. And what’s better, they’re fast and easy! Just prep your skin by giving it a quick clean and dry – wear your sheet mask for 15 mins – then rub in the excess, and continue your day!

img_1265Spa Sesh
This mask is perfect if you’re looking for a good cleanse. After using it my face definitely felt cleaner and totally refreshed – perfect for a girls spa night.

img_1263About Last Night
Ok ladies, I’ll get straight to it – this mask is perfect for those hangover mornings. Blueberry is totally rejuvenating for your skin, helping bring your skin back to life after a long night of makeup and fun.

img_1264Now & Zen
This has been one of our more popular choices. This mask is filled with aloe that helps calm any easily irritated skin or troubled spots. With my redness problem, this is a mask I personally enjoy using.

img_1266Let’s Glow
This mask is my personal favorite! As I’ve mentioned before, my skin (and myself) are happier on days I don’t feel like I need to wear makeup. Papaya is known for a tropical “glow-getter” that’s known for adding vibrance to your skin, which makes this mask a perfect match for me!

img_1262Hit Reset
This mask is perfect if you’re looking for a quick recharge and replenishment. This also has a bit of calming to it, but will give you a little more of a cleanse. I also personally found this mask useful when I was feeling stressed out – so ladies attending school, this one is for you!

img_1267Let’s Pre-Glam
This mask is perfect to use before applying heavier makeup. The hyaluronic acid works like a super conditioner, leaving your skin perfectly prepped and your makeup flawless. – Since I don’t wear a lot of makeup, I didn’t really get the full experience of this mask. But the ladies at work are totally obsessed and I’ll admit, their makeup is always flawless.

Basically, these masks are wonderful. If you have any questions about which one to try just ask! Tweet, DM, email – or even come into the store and see me sometime!😉

Thanks everyone again for checking in.
Your support is much appreciated!

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