Life Lately : October

Good morning and Happy Halloween!

Hope everyone had an awesome weekend, every costume I saw was hilarious and/or totally fantastic – well done! So, yet another month has passed (even faster than the last) which means I’ll be dedicating a post to the main lessons and experiences that October has brought to my attention.


So the biggest thing, we moved into our new apartment!
This whole experience was beyond exciting and scary and overwhelming, but fantastic all at once. Plus, it all happened so fast I feel like I didn’t have the chance to really sit back and think about what was happening. On the same day we picked up the keys, we were staying the night in our new place – that’s how quickly we were able to get things done. And recently all of our furniture, old and new, was delivered and put into place! Decorating is the next step (and I’m totally dreading it), so it might be a little while longer before the pictures come flying in!


Holiday is around the corner; aka the best season for retail.
Last week I attended Cascade – a holiday meeting for Victoria’s Secret & Pink – and I am so incredibly excited for what this season has to offer! This will be my 3rd holiday season with VS, and nothing has brought out this much excitement before. And not just for me, but every other store too. Besides the great deals, we’ll be launching a whole new collection for Victoria’s Secret pajamas, outfits for Pink, all new Beauty gift boxes and scents, and Oh – we’ll even have actual stockings this year! Now the perfect stocking stuffers can have a perfect stocking too. (;

Follow my social media accounts, because I’ll be showing you all some behind the scenes of creating the Best Holiday Yet, as well as all of the cute new things that’ll be arriving in stores and online!

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I’ve been thinking lately – it’s time to step it up.
Whenever something new comes along I tend to get caught up in it, which makes me forget about everything else. Social media, for example. It can be so hard keeping up with everything – Twitter, Snapchat, Instagram.. It’s a handful (ha, joke intended). But I had to sit back and think to myself, I’m not blogging for the hell of it – I want to go somewhere with it. And with that being said, I got right back into planning – so stay turned! I’m actually really excited for the new things I’ll be trying. (:

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It’s been an exciting month, but there’s a lot more coming.
Basically, October has been the Month of Change and I’m doing everything I can to embrace it. Things are definitely different now; I have a new home, I have new and exciting things that’ll be happening, hopefully with new opportunities, but I even feel different about myself too – almost like new, and it feels kind of exhilarating. But I really want to thank all of you who continue to check up and support me and my blog, because it really mean a lot! And no way would any of this happen without the support.

I’d like to start collaborating so shoot me a tweet, DM, email – whatever! I would love to start looking into more and new ideas with new people.

Thanks again for checking in, and I hope everyone has a wonderful November. Cheers to new things. (:

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