Key West | Part 1

Hey hi hello!
Ok – I’m already over it. It’s only been a few days and I already miss everything about Key West; the clean and salty air, the food, endless sun on my skin.. Going from that to Chicago in mid December is not healthy, I don’t recommend it. But on the plus side, the experiences we’ve had in Key West will stay with me for a very, very long time.

If you’ve been to Key West FL before then I’m sure you understand how great and almost magical it can be to experience. And if you haven’t been there yet, you might want to book your trip now because you’re truly missing out – it’s just fantastic. If you’re thinking about making this trip a reality, then I hope this post can give you some inspiration – if not some guidance – to make planning your trip a little easier and a lot more fun.

American Airlines is my recommendation to you. I’ve never had a bad experience flying through them and to save a little $$ we even took a layover in Miami. Everybody is different when it comes to flying; sometimes you just want to get where you’re going, and sometimes you just want to keep it calm and relaxing (like me, because I hate being rushed). So layovers don’t really bother me.
**Also, do yourself a favor and get yourself a window seat – the views were perfect.


Our Temporary Home:
Our house was absolutely stunning – high walls with huge windows, a pool in the back with a stone waterfall, outdoor dining, and even a outdoor bathroom/shower area. Not to mention, every single day was a game of “what’s in my backyard” because of all the different animals we would see. One day there was a cat, the next day there was an exotic bird, and every day there was a new iguana that were literally half my size. It was never a dull moment when we chose to have a pool day.
**There are houses to rent all over the island, and my advice is to get yourself a little vacation fam – a group of people to share a house/expenses with. The more the merrier, right? Plus, island parties are better with friends. (;



Getting around:
Uber is everywhere – so are the bars, so be smart and call yourself an Uber after a night (or day) of drinking! But when you’re wanting to get around the island, I recommend you rent yourself a scooter or bike. Half of my vacay family rented scooters while the other half (myself included) rented bikes. Luckily for us, there was a rental place 2 buildings over from our house. The rates for renting are great too; choose how many days you’d like to rent, and adding an extra day (or 3..) was no problem at all!
**My first piece of advice: scooters are tricky, whether you get a single seat or double. I wouldn’t rent them unless you had decent experience. Second piece of advice: bikes are totally worth it, and they’ll save you some $$. The main reason why I wanted to rent a bike was because I wanted to participate, rather than sit on the back of a scooter.


I plan on having a total of 3 parts to cover everything about our trip to Key West! For Key West Part 2 I’ll be talking about the best places to eat and our favorite shopping spot, so stay tuned!

Also, check out how I treated my sun kissed skin, the healthiest way I know how, right HERE.

Thank you all so much for checking into my blog! More to come, stay tuned. (:

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