Laptop Lifestyle

So I'll be honest here, I’m officially turning into one of those people who’s lives revolve around their laptop. Never in a million years would I think this would be possible, but here I am, typing away on my MacBook Pro, feeling all giddy because my new case and matching keyboard cover came in the [...]

Life Via Camera Roll | July

This past month has been one with many changes and many lessons. What I've Learned Something I've been working on in particular is accepting the things I cannot control, and embracing all change that happens in my life. I personally believe, from my experiences this month, that there is no growth without change, even if [...]

Take More Pictures

Hobbies are such a great thing. It keeps us busy and it brings a smile to our faces. I told myself to take more photo’s whether it be of my friend’s smiling faces, a cute brick wall with vines growing on it, or even my dog while we're out on a walk around town. I [...]

4th of July @ Wrigley

The weekend had already drained me more than I would’ve expected. Each day of this holiday weekend was spent celebrating with friends and family, either at a party or out on the boat playing in the water and the sun. I’m usually a morning person, but after the constant go go go of the weekend [...]

My First Tattoo

Just recently, under the the influence of a few coworkers, I decided to get my very first tattoo. Honestly, part of me thought that I'd never get a tattoo simply because everybody has one. I've always been the type of person who strays away from anything you'd find on or with somebody else. I had actually [...]