MLB Apparel.

Rocking your favorite MLB team is a must, especially when you attend games as much as I do. And when your boyfriend is a total diehard, the amount of MLB items you have just seems to grow, unexpectedly, more and more. Don't get me wrong, there's not a lot of things I love more than [...]

My Passion Planner.

We all know I'm a bit of a control freak, and I like to keep my life as organized as possible. So naturally, my life planner is my best friend. Planning is good for the soul Of course there are endless designs for planners, whether you get your planner at Michaels, Barns & Nobel, Target [...]

Laptop Lifestyle.

So I'll be honest here, I’m officially turning into one of those people who’s lives revolve around their laptop. Never in a million years would I think this would be possible, but here I am, typing away on my MacBook Pro, feeling all giddy because my new case and matching keyboard cover came in the [...]

My 2 Makeup Essentials.

When it comes to my makeup, I like to keep it simple. My main focus: the eyes and golden toned skin. I frequently get compliments about my skin which always makes me smile a huge thank you in return, and occasionally I'll get questions about what I use to achieve this look. My secret is [...]