My Go-To Dry Shampoo.

Hey, everyone! Happy October, and I hope you all are having a wonderful week. But let me get straight to the point, I have a new product for you all to try! Life has really started to pick up these days, and it's only going to get busier from here. Between working retail with the [...]

Let’s Talk Fitness.

Before I start blogging about anything fitness, I thought it would be important to first give you all a little background about my fitness journey. The Beginning In high school I wasn’t necessarily “over weight,” but I was a lot heavier than I should have been (keep in mind that I'm only 5’0 feet tall). [...]

Life Lately. August.

And just like that, another month has flown by. Now it's September; the weather is getting colder, all of the cute sweaters are coming out of closet hiding, and life has just been completely wonderful. What August Taught Me It's important to be understanding. Sometimes we can get so caught up in our own thoughts, [...]

Laptop Lifestyle II.

Recently I posted a blog called Laptop Lifestyle, where I not only talked about my new found obsession with my MacBook, but also about investing in your hobbies to create an even happier and enjoyable life. Incase you missed it, you can read Laptop Lifestyle HERE. Keep Investing.. So, last time I explained why we should [...]

My Hair Care Routine.

Tackling that perfect every day hair style starts with the products that are used at home. And every problem has a solution. It only took me 22 years, but I've finally found the products that works for me. Now that every day hair style is easy to manage and less time consuming. The Story Behind [...]